May Day ERI


The saying “been there and done it” applies to all the instructors for Mayday Emergency Response Institute and you will benefit from their emergency response experience.

Experienced emergency response instruction translates into entertaining, fun, and cut-to-the-chase informative life-saving instruction and training.

The owner of Mayday Emergency Response Institute is a retired Austin firefighter and has over 30 years of emergency response experience. During those years, he held many positions in emergency services. He spent many years responding to medical, fire and rescue emergencies in some of the busiest neighborhoods in Austin. He also became the lead medical instructor, Field Medical Training Officer, and coordinated and taught Texas Department of Health Emergency Medical Technician classes for many City and County agencies.

After 911, he was assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force, and acted as a liaison between the FBI, local fire, and emergency services in the Central Texas area. He was also Captain of Homeland Security – Special Operations Division, and managed, trained, and developed the CBRNE Strike Team. A team made up of fire, police, and EMS personnel trained to respond to terrorist events involving the use of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives devises. The standards met by this team met the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) requirements for use as an entry team for field screening and evidence collection of possible or known chemical or biological events.

He also performed the duties of the Hazardous Materials Science Officer, Science Officer for a fire/police department Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Team, hazardous materials technician lead instructor for the Austin Texas Fire Academy, and was a Strike Team/Task Force Leader for the Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System.

Over the years, the owner has worked with many talented emergency response personnel. Thus, instructors for Mayday ERI also share a similar background and are handpicked for their knowledge and teaching abilities. You will enjoy their sense of humor and benefit from their vast experience in emergency services.